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Trang Ha (1996, VN) has a hybrid design and artistic approach. She observes culture, nature and society in order to create alternative methods to understand invisible phenomena. When Trang operates in her artistic side, she likes to research about food and ecology, and eventually uses her knowledge to construct experimental dining concepts. When Trang switches to her design side, she takes commissions to work as a “collaboration-thirst monster”, pushing caring ethics and inclusivity with other designers. Trang graduated BA Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK) in 2020, and now is based in The Hague (NL).

Trang Ha took part in
Sirius Initiatives (2022)
Designers Write Podcast (2021)
Anthroposcene On Hold (2020)
Lick It Publication (2021)

Trang Ha co-curated
Typographic Nights (2021)